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We provide guaranteed service assistance for all brands which have service centers in the city. We act on your behalf and get the product repaired from a local authorized service center of the brand. We charge you a minimum fee over the charges of the service center while you save your time.

How it works?


* as of now GSA is available only in Guwahati.

* luitstore will only act on behalf of the customer and hence cannot be held responsible for any discrepancy in service by the service center.

* if total chargeable amount is more than 1500 INR, customer will be contacted for confirmation. If customer chooses not to get the product repaired, no charge will be applicable.

* If total chargeable amount is less than or equal to 1500 INR, customer will not be contacted.

* customer will be required to pay the amount charged by the service center and an additional amount of 350 INR (150 INR for shipping and 200 INR as commission).

* customer will be provide with the direct invoice of the service center, luitstore in turn will only provide an invoice of shipping and commission totaling 350 INR.

* products purchased from luitstore will have a free GSA of 90 days; if you have purchased the product from us and it is within 90 day period, please upload the 'Invoice of purchase.'

Create a ticket so that we can serve you. If you already have an account with us, please create tickets from the "Helpdesk" section by logging in.

You can also type any question you have and search the knowledge base in case you are lucky to find a 'match.'

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