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CCTV Camera

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CP PLUS CP-USC-DA10L2/CP-VAC-D10L2 1MP/Dome Camera/20mtr IR/3.6mm/HD-720P 801
CP PLUS CP-USC-T10L2/VACT10L2 1MP/Bullet Camera/20mtr IR/3.6mm/HD-720P 937
CP PLUS CP-USC-TA10L3/ST10L3 1MP/Bullet Camera/30mtr IR/6mm/HD-720P 1204
CP PLUS CP-VCG-TA10L5/ST10R5 1MP/Bullet Camera/50mtr IR/08mm/HD-720P 2245
CP PLUS CP-VCG-ST10R7 1MP/Bullet Camera/70mtr IR/08mm/HD-720P 2512
CP PLUS CP-USC-DA13L2/CP-VAC-D13L2 1.3MP/Dome Camera/20mtr IR/3.6mm/HD-720P 1003
CP PLUS CP-USC-TA13L2/ST13L2 1.3MP/Bullet Camera/20mtr IR/3.6mm/HD-720P 1139
CP PLUS CP-USC-TA13L3/ST13L3 1.3MP/Bullet Camera/30mtr IR/6mm/HD-720P 1406
CP PLUS CP-VAC-D20L2 2.4MP/Dome Camera/20mtr IR/3.6mm/HD-1080P 1379
CP PLUS CP-VAC-T20L2 2.4MP/Bullet Camera/20mtr IR/3.6mm/HD-1080P 1515
CP PLUS CP-USC-DA24L2/CP-VAC-D24L2 2.4MP/Dome Camera/20mtr IR/3.6mm/HD-1080P 1515
CP PLUS CP-VAC-T24PL2/CP-USC-TA24L2 2.4MP/Bullet Camera/20mtr IR/3.6mm/HD-1080P 1651
CP PLUS CP-VAC-D24L3/CP-USC-DA20L3 2.4MP/Dome Camera30mtr IR/6mm/HD-1080P 1782
CP PLUS CP-USC-TA24L3/ CP-VACT24L3 2.4MP/Bullet Camera30mtr IR/6mm/HD-1080P 2087
CP PLUS CP-USC-DA24R5C-0360 2.4MP/Bullet Camera/50mtr IR/3.6mm/HD-1080P /Dome IR Built-in Mic 2959

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# From 1st Dec 2016, COD has been withdrawn; instead, a 3% discount  on all payments via Direct Bank Transfer has been introduced.

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