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Dot Matrix Printers

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EPSON EPSON LX-310+ (9pin,80col,300) 9156
EPSON EPSON LX-1310 (9pin,136Col) 11009
EPSON EPSON LQ-310+ (24pin,80col, 300cps) 12208
EPSON EPSON LQ1310  (24pin,136col, 360cps) 14933
EPSON EPSON LQ-2190 (24pin,136col, 480cps) 40112
EPSON EPSON LQ-2090 (24pin,136col,440cps) 25833
EPSON EPSON FX-2175  (9pin,136col, 539cps) 14715
TVS        MSP 240 Classic 8491
TVS        MSP 240 Star 9129
TVS        MSP 250 star 10137
TVS        MSP 245 11391
TVS        MSP 245 Star 13952
TVS        MSP 245 Gold 14388
TVS        MSP 345 Star-USB 16514
TVS        MSP 450 11772
TVS        MSP 455 XL 13026
TVS        HD 955         CALL
TVS        HD 945 29757
TVS        HD 745         CALL
TVS        HD 755         CALL
TVS        Pass Book Printer Speed 40Plus           CALL
TVS        Keyboard (Gold)PS2 2060
TVS        Keyboard  2017
WIPRO WIPRO LX800DX (9pin,80col, 350cps) Parallel & USB 9156
WIPRO WIPRO DSI 5235 (24pin,136col, 360cps) Parallel & USB 22977
WIPRO WIPRO CSX 450 (9pin,80col, 450cps) Parallel & USB 9701
WIPRO WIPRO TH 400+  (Thermal printer,USB ,Serial and ethernet      10628
WIPRO WIPRO BP 25 T With Battery  (Billing Machine)         CALL
WIPRO WIPRO BP 85 T With Battery  (Billing Machine)         CALL
WIPRO WIPRO BP 85  (Billing Machine)         CALL
WIPRO WIPRO BP 2000  With Battery (Billing Machine)         CALL
WIPRO WIPRO       LMP Printronix P7-500 Pedestal Printer CALL
WIPRO Wep Printer Head 800 DX 2289
WIPRO Wep Printer Head LQ DSI 5235 6050

# IT products are deliverable only in Guwahati (Delivery Time: 8-16 working hours). Only books, softwares & printer cartridges are deliverable all over India

# Free shipping within 12 working hours in Guwahati for orders above 999 INR otherwise shipping charge of 60 INR will be leived.

# For other parts of India flat shipping charge of 80 INR per item will be leived. Delivery Time: 3-7 days

# All prices are inclusive of GST. Goods once purchased cannot be returned. Defective items will be replaced.

# Due to frequently changing prices we are sometimes unable to verify the latest MRP, hence in case, by chance, if the MRP of

any product drops, we bill the product at a best possible price below the MRP and refund the remaining amount.

# From 1st Dec 2016, COD has been withdrawn; instead, a 3% discount  on all payments via Direct Bank Transfer has been introduced.

# For discounts on bulk order (5 pieces of same items or more than 10 different items together), contact customer care.

# Customer Care: 24*7: email: info.mageorange@gmail.com; 24/7 Helpdesk: Please raise a ticket here, Whatsapp/ Viber: +91-940-100-8383

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