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Inkjet Printers

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CANON Pixma   IP 2870/TS207   (4800dpi, 7.0ipm, 4.8ipm, cl sensor) PG 745, CL 746 1875
CANON Pixma   IP 7270    (4800dpi, 7.0ipm, 4.8ipm, cl sensor)  5  Individual Ink Tank PG751 B751BCMY 10104
CANON Pixma   IP 8770   (9600dpi, 12.5ipm bk,9.3ipm cl, ) A3+Photo  printer with WI-FI PG751 B751BCMY 21015
CANON Pixma  IP 110       PG35, CL 36 18007
CANON Pixma  IX6770     (A3+ Size) 5 individual tank 750BK,750,751 B,C,M,y 15554
CANON Pixma  IX6870     (A3+ Size) wi-fi,5 individual tank PG BK 750,751BCYM 17364
CANON Pixma   MG-2570S               print/scan/copy  PG 745, CL 746 2976
CANON Pixma   MG-3070/3077        print/scan/copy/wi-fi PG 745, CL 746 4011
CANON Pixma   TS-3170                  Autopower Wireless print,set copy PG 745,CL746 4654
CANON Pixma  MG-5770      P/S/C- with Wi-Fi/ Auto Duplex/Apple Airprint ,APM/5 Ink  PG BK750,751B/C/Y/M 7728
CANON Pixma   TS-5170      P/S/C with Wi-Fi/ Auto Duplex/Apple Air,APM/ PG BK750,751B/C/Y/M 9832
CANON Pixma   TS-8170      P/S/C with Wi-Fi/ Auto Duplex/Apple Air,APM/NFC 17876
CANON Pixma   TS-9170      P/S/C with Wi-Fi 21528
CANON Pixma   E-3170     print/scan/copy,Auto power on of,apple air print/wi-fi PG47,CL57 5624
CANON Pixma   E-410      print/scan/copy no bag PG47,CL57 4142
CANON Pixma   E-510      print/scan/copy/Most ink efficient cartridges PG88, CL98 5766
CANON Pixma   E-470      print/scan/copy/Wi-Fi/Access Point Mode PG47,CL57 5069
CANON Pixma   E-480      print/scan/copy/ FaxWi-Fi/Access Point Mode PG47,CL57 7848
CANON Pixma   E-560      print/scan/copy/Duplex/Wi-Fi PG89,CL99 6311
CANON Pixma   E-610      print/scan/copy/Fax/ADF/Most ink efficient cartridges PG88,CL98 9221
CANON PIXMA  MX477          print/scan/copy,fax,ADF,WI-FI, Airprint support PG740,CL 741 8426
CANON PIXMA   TR 8570      Print/scan/copy/Fax/wifi,lan,ADF,Bluetooth,SD Card Slot  19031
CANON PIXMA   MX927         print/scan/copy,fax,ADF,WI-FI, Auto Duplex,Airport 750BK,751 BK,C,M,Y 20176
CANON PIXMA G -1010             Print /4800X1200dpi/ISO Print/USB  BKCMY 790 8186
CANON PIXMA G -2000/2010    Print/Scan/Copy 4800X1200dpi/ISO Print/USB    BKCMY 790 11074
CANON PIXMA G -2002/2012    Print/Scan/Copy 4800X1200dpi/ISO Print/USB   BKCMY 790 11074
CANON PIXMA G -3000/3010    Wirl.Print/Scan/Copy 4800X1200dpi/ISO Print/USB   BKCMY 790 13843
CANON PIXMA G -3000/3012   Wirl.Print/Scan/Copy 4800X1200dpi/ISO Print/USB   BKCMY 790 13898
CANON PIXMA G -4000/4010     Wirl.Print/Scan/Copy/Fax,4800X1200dpi/Print/USB  BKCMY 790 17451
HP HP 1112              (SF) HP802(K)802(C)/803 (B/C) 2017
HP HP 2132              (PSC)                802(K)802(C) 803 (B/C) 4088
HP HP3636 PSC 680B/680C 6867
HP HP 2135               (PSC) 680 B/C 4905
HP HP 3635           (PSC)           678(B)678(C)/680 6322
HP HP4729  HC         (P)          46B/46 (C) 10355
HP HP 4535           (PSC) 680B/680C 8829
HP HP 3775/3776/3777   (AIO) HP 680 B/680C 6322
HP HP 2621/2622 (P/S/C/Wifi HP 803B/803C 4578
HP HP 2676/2677 (P/SC/Wifi HP680B/680C 5777
HP HP GT 5811    (CISS) GT 51 B/52 M/53Y/54 11445
HP HP GT 5821    (CISS) GT 51 B/52 M/53Y 14170
HP HP OJ 8710 (AIO) HP955/955 (K)(C,M,Y) 19947
HP HP 8720  (AIO) HP955(K)(C,M,Y) 26160
HP HP OJ7110 Single A3 HP932(K)(C,M,Y) 20492
HP HP OJ 7510 HP 920XL/C,M,Y) 26923
HP HP 7612 (A3) HP 932(B)933(C) 27795
HP HP 8210  (Single) HP 935 B/933 C 11772

# IT products are deliverable only in Guwahati (Delivery Time: 8-16 working hours). Only books, softwares & printer cartridges are deliverable all over India

# Free shipping within 12 working hours in Guwahati for orders above 999 INR otherwise shipping charge of 60 INR will be leived.

# For other parts of India flat shipping charge of 80 INR per item will be leived. Delivery Time: 3-7 days

# All prices are inclusive of GST. Goods once purchased cannot be returned. Defective items will be replaced.

# Due to frequently changing prices we are sometimes unable to verify the latest MRP, hence in case, by chance, if the MRP of

any product drops, we bill the product at a best possible price below the MRP and refund the remaining amount.

# From 1st Dec 2016, COD has been withdrawn; instead, a 3% discount  on all payments via Direct Bank Transfer has been introduced.

# For discounts on bulk order (5 pieces of same items or more than 10 different items together), contact customer care.

# Customer Care: 24*7: email: info.mageorange@gmail.com; 24/7 Helpdesk: Please raise a ticket here, Whatsapp/ Viber: +91-940-100-8383

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